Lap Timer / Counter

The pocket pit lap timer / counter works in the same way as a manually controlled stop watch and lap counter. However it also includes the added ability to count your laps automatically using the Pocket Pit lap counter system and more!

Personal Automatic Lap Counting now available!

The pocket pit lap counting system uses a small line of sight infrared transponder to send a predefined code to the track side receiver box. The receiver box connects to a mobile device using Bluetooth to automatically count and time your laps using a real time stopwatch within the Pocket Pit app. Listen to your lap times live as you race using headphones or through your devices speakers. Lap times can be saved with notes enabling you to keep a database of setups for the tracks you race. Over 100 individual IR codes means there is only a small chance you will have the same code as someone else at your club allowing you to have more than one car on the track at once. The bluetooth device ideally works at 10m or less, however it has been tested and used over 20m outdoors.

For methods of mounting the IR Transponder in a touring car click here

Compatible with:

• iOS 7 or 8
• iPhone 4s
• iPhone 5/6 (all models)
• iPod touch 5
• iPad 3/4/mini/Air

Works with Pocket Pit app version 4.1 and above.

Available to buy online with free postage and packing or from Zen Racing

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Camber Gauge

Use the side of your mobile phone to measure the camber angle of your wheels with incredible accuracy. The gauge can be switched to either side of your device.


FDR Calculator

Use the FDR calculator to perform quick calculations for your RC car.

Set the default spur, pinion and internal ratio to match your RC car in settings view. (Top right button of the home screen)



Balance Gauge

Mount your mobile phone above the car to measure the balance left to right and front to rear. Adjust your car to improve the balance and reduce tweak.

Balance Gauge Instructions

  1. Set the car down on a flat surface / setup board with everything fitted except body shell.
  2. Place the device (iPod or iPhone) flat on the top top deck as close to the centre as possible.
  3. Push the car flat so the chassis is sitting flat on the setup board and carefully hit the calibrate button.
  4. Let the care rise and suspension settle.
  5. Watch the red and green lines to see which direction they fall. The lines will move to the side / end of the car which is lower.
  6. Adjust the preload on each spring to raise or lower each corner to stop the line from moving and balance the weight of the car. Use the reset or auto reset button to re-centre the lines after each adjustment.
  7. Check ride height before and after adjustments.

    NOTE! When pressing calibrate or making adjustments do not allow the device (iPod or iPhone) to move!

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